What to see and do in Gijon

Paseo en globo sobre Gijón

Things to do

You will find some interesting things to do at the hotel, in Gijon and around.



The hotel is set amongst several golf courses; all of them are a short distance away form Quinta Duro.

Cycling tour


There are an ample net of cycle routes, which meander from the hotel into the urban and rural surrounding areas.



Drive-in Cinema


Gijon has one of only four drive-in theatres in Spain, which has been running for over 20 years.

Leisure walks, hiking, nature trails

Paseo por la playa

Due to the fact that Gijon is situated in the middle of the Asturias, it is an ideal location from which to explore coast villages and beaches, mountain areas and monuments as well as other towns and their museums.

Hot Air Balloon Tours

Viajar en globo

Hot air balloon tours are arranged by a specialized company. Tours can take off from our garden itself, provided the weather is appropriate and the service is requested in advance.



A croquet equipment is available at the hotel, guest can also practice other sports on site such as basketball.



Bird lovers will appreciate the variety of species which can be observed from and around the site, Quinta Duro makes an ideal bird observatory.

Water/beach sports

Deportes de playa

Gijon is an ideal setting for practising water/beach sports such as swimming, sailing, diving, horse-riding, tennis, kayaking, etc.

Library and games room


Relax in our library or play a game of chess, checkers, cards or dominoes.

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