Gijon: top 13 attractions not to be missed

Gijón al anochecer

Gijon: top 13 attractions not to be missed

Elogio del Horizonte Sculpture

Elogio del Horizonte

The Cerro de Santa Catalina is a park on the hilltop at Cimadevilla. The park overlooks the sea with a sheer drop to the water. It also has an abstract sculpture called “Elogio del Horizonte”, this monumental work by artist Eduardo Chillida (1990) has become one of Gijon’s landmarks.

Gijon Marina

Puerto Deportivo

The marina lies to the West of Cimadevilla. It boasts excellent facilities for all types of recreational crafts.

San Lorenzo Beach

Playa de San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a popular urban beach which lies to the East of Cimadevilla, with easy access from the promenade which runs along the shore.

Gijon Aquarium

Acuario de Gijón

The Aquarium recreates sixty different fresh water and natural marine habitats. A journey through the diverse ecosystems takes the visitor through the greatest diversity of marine fauna and flora displayed in a medium-seized aquarium in the world.

El Molinon Football Stadium

Estadio del Molinón

El Molinon Footbal Stadium is the home ground of Real Sporting de Gijon team and it was also the country’s first professional football stadium.The arena has frequently played host to sell-out shows by artists such as Tina Turner, Dire Straits, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney.

Gijon International Film Festival

Teatro Jovellanos

Gijon International Film Festival (FICXixon) has made a name for itself over the years and has become a renowned independent festival. FICXixon is usually held in November when it shows a wealth of films across several of the city’s theatres.

Semana Negra, literature festival

La Semana Negra

La Semana Negra is an event held in July, which revolves around thriller literature. It is a hub for writers and fans who attend talks, conferences and exhibitions. Visitors can also enjoy concerts as part of the Semana Negra which has become one of the most popular festivals of its kind in Europe.

Cimadevilla Old Quarter

Barrio de Cimadevilla

The old quarter of Gijon is known as Cimadevilla, the original fishing town around which the city was built. A number of historical buildings in the old district have restaurants and night venues.

Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura

Universidad Laboral

This contemporary art and cultural centre is located in the Laboral University premises, 3 km from the city of Gijon and just 800m from Quinta Duro. Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura is a benchmark in the national artistic and cultural scene. Laboral University of Gijon is a monumental combination of buildings As a side note, the university site covers over 270,000 square metres (or 66 acres) of land and the walls of the different buildings would make up a surface of 55,000 square metres (or 13.5 acres). As well as being the largest building in Spain it also encloses the biggest elliptical church in the world. To top this off, the Laboral Clock Tower stands defiant at 130 metres tall, once again the tallest stone construction in the country. The design of the tower was inspired by Alexandria Lighthouse and Seville’s Torre del Oro..

Atlantic Botanical Garden

Jardín Botánico

The Atlantic Botanical Garden sits directly opposite Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, and just half a mile away from Quinta Duro. A wonderful natural setting with gardens, groves and exhibitions.

Evaristo Valle Museum

Museo Evaristo Valle

Evaristo Valle Museum is located in the parish of Somio, residential area near Gijon. The Museum, set in a private estate and surrounded by wonderful gardens, houses the works of Evaristo Valle (Gijon, 1873-1951) as well as works by other well known Asturian painters.

Luis Adaro Exhibition Centre


Luis Adaro Exhibition Centre boasts dedicated facilities for any type of event. The Centre host FIDMA (International Sample Trade Fair of Asturias) every August.

Asturian cider

Escanciadores de sidra en concurso

Traditional cider or sidra is the local Asturian drink of choice. It is served in sidrerías, specialized pubs which can be found anywhere in Asturias.

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